Olyvar Bruce


0 XP | 0 SpXP
Gender: Male
House: Hedge Knight of the Riverlands
Destiny Points: 4/4


Agility: 4
Animal Handling: 3 (1B Ride)
Athletics: 5 (3B Strength)
Awareness: 4
Cunning: 3 (1B Logic)
Deception: 2
Endurance: 4 (1B Stamina; 1B Resilience)
Fighting: 5 (2B Polearms)
Healing: 1
Language: 3
Knowledge: 3
Marksmanship: 1
Persuasion: 3
Status: 2
Stealth: 2
Survival: 3
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 3
Will: 4


Intrigue Defense: 9
Composure: 12
Combat Defense: 10
Health: 12
Armor Rating: 6
Armor Penalty: -3


Dutiful- Opponents take a -1D on all Persuasion tests for convince, intimidate, or seduce.

Pole-Arm Fighter 1- Can sweep multiple opponent for knockdown attacks. Role fighting as normal, but subtract 2 from the result for each opponent you want to sweep down. Opponent who’s combat defense is equaled or beaten is knocked down.

Blood of the Andals- (Will; Whenever Will is tested, you may re-roll 1 die. Once per day add +2 to the result of any test.


Bound to the Bottle- When faced with a troubling situation, you must succeed on a Formidable(12) Will test. While intoxicated, reduce all tests -2. If in a tavern or around other drinkers, reduce all tests by -2D. Penalties remain until you get a good nights sleep. Each hour after drinking you may role an Endurance check to sober up. A successful Challenging(9)Endurance test reduces penalties by -1 (or -1D).


My character is a hedge knight. Approx 22 yrs old from the Riverlands; name TBA. He squired with his father, a knight of house Darry. However, his father was killed alongside Lord Raymun Darry at the battle of Mummer’s Ford at the hands of Gregor Clegane. During the War of the 5 Kings he protected Lymun Darry the new lord, who was only 8 years old. During a foraging/scouting mission, my character and other soldiers were attacked by an advance force of Gregor Clegane. My character was badly wounded and only vaguely remembers being rescued by a large man in a yellow cape and a bard. He was brought to Beric Dondarrion’s hideout where he was being nursed back to health. However, he received news that after her was rescued, Darry castle was sacked by Clegane and little Lord Lymun was executed; extinguishing the male line of house Darry. With no lord and nowhere to go he decided to stay with the Brotherhood, to try and win back the Riverlands and fight for good.

Soon, Edmure Tully called the banners to Riverrun, to fight off the Lannister forces. My character bid farewell and took his leave of the Brotherhood to fight for house Tully. He served with honor and distinction during the Battle of Stone Mill where Tully forces prevented the Lannisters from crossing the river. However, he is not fully taken into Edmure’s services and is still on the same level as a common sell sword. He stays behind at Riverrun as Robb’s host goes to the Twins for the Red Wedding. With Edmure captured, Brynden Tully has taken command of Riverrun. He will not surrender it even when Jaime Lannister comes to broker terms. Knowing the situation is hopeless and Edmure will surrender, the Blackfish escapes Riverrun. With Edmure going into exile at Casterly Rock, my character is again left without a lord to serve. He finds the Brotherhood again and runs with them for awhile but, Lady Cold Heart makes him uncomfortable, even though they are doing good things. When the Brotherhood splits between Thoros and Lady Cold Heart my character is conflicted; he doesn’t want to stay with Lady Cold Heart but he feels like Thoros can’t grant him what he needs either. My character heads south to the Reach to look for a new lord.

Several minor lords reject his services, they are unable to pay or simply don’t trust hedge knights. Finally, Daenarys lands with her forces. Lord Mace Tyrell calls his banners and any sellsword or hedge knight willing to serve. My character saw this as an opportunity and went to Highgarden. However, soon Mace Tyrell dies mysteriously and is succeeded by Wylas. Wylas pulls his support for Tommen and the Tyrells army stays ready in the Reach.

The fighting happens and my character is like WTF to not fighting. He tries to appeal to Wylas to let him serve but his requests go unanswered. He is crushed and it seems like he will never get to be a true knight. He goes to Oldtown looking for work as a guard however he is rejected again; Oldtown is teeming with guards and soldiers, they don’t need one more. He then decides to try for King’s Landing, the Gold Cloaks would surely need his services since there numbers have been decimated.

So thats where he is going. He is a really powerful fighter and wields a halberd. He is dutiful and tries to be an honest moral knight. I gave him Blood of the Andals: it says that automatically makes him fair skinned and have blonde hair. It’s not a big deal if you want me to follow the book on that but i’d rather him be not be blonde. (In fact any character i play usually just looks like me in my head.) For a drawback i made him bound to the bottle; i figured a bit of PTSD and constant existential dilemmas would drive someone to drink. However, he is trying very hard to stop drinking but he slips up from time to time.

Olyvar Bruce

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