Navira Gallus


Navira was born into slavery on Kessel in 4021 BBY. She was put to work in the spice mines as soon as she was old enough to wield a pick. When she was eight years old, she broke through into an underground cave and fell in, breaking her arm. Her humerus broke the skin of her arm, and by the time she was discovered and retrieved from the cave, the arm had become gangrenous and needed to be amputated. No longer useful in the mines, Navi was placed in the home of the mine overseer as a personal servant. When she was eleven years old, there was a slave revolt, and she escaped with several other slaves to the smuggling haven Formos. A kindly old man named Noel Gallus, who traveled the galaxy freeing slaves, took Navi under his wing, bringing her with him in his travels. He constructed a mechanical arm for her and taught her astronavigation and starship repair.

When he died, Navira took his last name and mission, gallivanting around the galaxy freeing slaves from their bondage. One time, while on Formos, she became acquainted with Jakys Kreā€™arr, who was hiding from the law after a botched smuggling mission.

In 3997 BBY, Navi made the mistake of liberating the slaves who belonged to Senator Tav Benson, who was using them as slave labor in the Outer Rim. She was captured by local authorities, who turned her over to Republic forces when Benson accused her of attempted grand larceny. She is being transferred to Taris to be held awaiting trial.

Navira Gallus

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